TrueSource on the Alternative Data Podcast
TrueSource was featured on the Alternative Data Podcast with Mark Fleming-Williams where data monetization strategies were discussed.
TrueSource was featured on the Alternative Data Podcast on Data Monetization

TrueSource was featured on the Alternative Data Podcast with Mark Fleming-Williams.

TrueSource’s Founder, Edward Igushev, was the guest of Mark Fleming-Williams on the Alternative Data Podcast

Here is a tl;dl (too long, didn’t listen) version of the podcast, if you don’t have 30 mins to listen to it. Although we’d definitely recommend you listen in if you’re interested in data monetization and how TrueSource can help you unlock the value of your data. Advanced tip: you can speed up playback to save some time!

Introduction to TrueSource: self-serve monetization platform for data providers

Introduction to TrueSource’s co-founder, Edward Igushev – 1:45

How did TrueSource come about? – 3:00

How does TrueSource work? – 3:45

Examples of large data providers with existing infrastructure for selling data – 5:20

Any data provider can build a data store for their data with TrueSource – 6:30

TrueSource provides the technology stack for data providers but is not a data marketplace – 8:10

How TrueSource is changing the old-fashioned way of selling data – 10:28

Discussion about the origins of retail, Macy’s innovation, or a shy salesperson? – 11:45

TrueSource works with Alternative Data Providers, it’s about 25% of its business – 14:24

Examples of non-alternative data providers on the TrueSource platform – 14:50

How TrueSource unlocks new revenues for data providers – 18:35

TrueSource’s value for alternative data providers – 21:30

Mark Fleming Williams introduces Tim Berners-Lee’s Solid project of individual data wallets and Edward Igushev shares his views on this – 26:50

Edward Igushev’s asks: how can you help TrueSource create a better experience for data providers – 28:50

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